Firewood Rack

So I went out into my garage this afternoon and didn’t come in until about 8:30 tonight. I started working on my weekend project, but also unexpectedly finished two other projects that I’ve been wanting to get around to for a long time.

For Christmas, Elise made me a burlap firewood-carrying, uh, apparatus. It’s not a bag, so I don’t know what to call it. I was very happy to get it, though, because before I had just relied on stacking logs in my arms and trying to work my way back into the house, which is easier said than done when you try to carry too much wood because you don’t want to go back outside in the cold to get more later. I nearly broke my toe by dropping a particularly large oak log on my foot. It was terrible.

So, now I have the carrying apparatus. It’s nice, but until tonight, I just had to sort of set it on the floor, which wasn’t great. I would much prefer to have a stand or something to put it on…and so I built one today. Here it is:

I used plumbing pipes and pipe fittings, screwed to a couple pieces of oak (which sort of blends into the floor in the picture). I really like the look of plumbing pipes, and I want to figure out new ways to use them in projects. I just think they look cool, and they’re fairly cheap, which is a giant plus.

The two crossbars that support the “bag” can be easily lifted off the posts, and the whole thing can be folded up and packed away in a corner when not in use.

Most importantly, it’s Chester-approved. Also, he wanted to have his picture taken and put on the Internet, because he is hoping to impress the ladies.
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