Chester and the Turnips

I think the title of this post would be a good band name.

Yesterday evening was a beautiful one, so I thought I’d enjoy it by pulling out all my turnips that I planted a couple months ago. They turned out beautifully*.

* It should be noted here that a turnip maxes out its “beauty” potential pretty quickly, so when I say they were beautiful, take it with a grain of salt. Also, incidentally, if you are eating turnips, you should do that with a grain of salt–or several grains of salt, rather–because turnips are not particularly tasty.

I planted turnips in the spring mainly because they are easy to grow, I like the idea of turnips more than I actually like the vegetables themselves, and they are good for one thing–soup. I’ve heard that turnip greens are good to eat, also, but I found this to be profoundly untrue.

It didn’t take long to harvest them all, as I only planted a handful. That’s pretty much the entire harvest on our patio table.

The next step is to dice, blanch, and freeze them for the winter (when we’ll actually want a hot bowl of soup for dinner).

I may plant a few more turnips this week in order to harvest them this fall, because they are really easy to grow, they are harvest-ready in two months, and they don’t take a lot of space. And they really are a nice addition to soup.

Chester helped with the great June turnip harvest. When I say “helped with” I mean “tried to eat.”

In other news, the real superstars of our garden are close to being ready!

The Scottie Pippen of our 90's Chicago Bulls garden.

Eggplant = our 90's Bulls dynasty garden's Michael Jordan. Turnips, on the other hand, are like Luc Longley. Big, white, not particularly useful or memorable.



  1. Eric

    Best garden/chicago bulls analogy ever. Well- at least top 10.

  2. Chris

    I enjoyed the basketball analogy as well. I’m glad Chester is so helpful. He’s probably looking forward to winter soup too!

  3. Josh

    Does that mean your Turnips Swim with Phil Jackson in the Indian Ocean?

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