Eggplant Fries

Just when you think that you have discovered the secret to happiness (eggplant and tomato pizza, that is), life throws you a curve ball like this:

Did you know that eggplant (aka the most beautiful and wonderful thing that ever came out of dirt) makes for some fabulous fries? It does.

Elise found a recipe online that we decided we needed to try immediately, lest we waste another moment of our lives NOT enjoying what surely sounded like a little slice of heaven on earth.

We picked a ripe eggplant from one of our three bushes, and sliced it into little spears, like french fries. We then lightly seasoned them and dusted them with a little flour before deep-frying them on the stove. After about a minute, they were ready.

Salted, dipped in honey, and accompanied by a cold beer–I haven’t had anything better than that in a long time!



  1. Aunt Lynn…that is..GooseHonkLake is the name of my soon to be Etsy store.

  2. Chris

    Sounds delicious. When’s the restaurant opening?

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